Park Tavern Delray Beach


At Park Tavern, we put our cocktails on a pedestal with fine spirits, fresh juice, seasonal products, hours of research and testing and a hefty commitment to precision. Our bartenders love the drinks they make, so every time you get a mixed drink at Park Tavern be assured every possible step was taken to make it the way it was intended to be.

Happy Hour at Park Tavern Delray Beach

St. Augustine Florida Double Cask $12

This bourbon is made from a mash bill of 60% regional corn, 22% malted barley and 18% regional wheat. The grains are milled and mashed on site, and fermented with proprietary yeast strains in closed-top fermenters. The Double Cask Bourbon was barreled at 125 proof in 25-gallon, new oak barrels using several different  char profiles. Due to Florida’s heat and humidity, the decision was made to move a portion of the spirit into 53-gallon barrels to continue aging while preventing over-extraction. This first release is a combination of barrels ranging from 16 to 28 months of age. To really round out the spirit, the team decided to finish 7% of the spirit in port barrels. The resulting blend is round, fruity and well-balanced. After extensive bench trialing, the bourbon was bottled at 93.8 proof to best present the spirit’s true flavor.